R.A.C Meeting Notes

Notes for September 7, 2010

In attendance: Gay Hylton, Holly Aitken, Jacqueline Nagatsuka, Stephan Grimes, Ward Headstrom, Brendan Brisker, John Filce, and Melissa Koval

  1. EO-1037 and exceptions granted – Revisit this issue because Phil Zastrow is asking for data to determine if some students are disproportionately impacted by the new EO. We didn't fill it in the spring, because it needed to be in effect for one year. We are going to see how many exceptions were filed this fall. Will follow up with Grace and/or Thomas.

  2. Tracking students in student groups-Need to determine if we will input as service indicators or as student groups. Then need to train and make sure that each area inputs the data into warehouse instead of keeping on their own shadow system. Important in terms of determining efficiency of programs. Also need to discuss with Grace and/or Thomas to see how it's currently being done.

  3. Early Start-As of next summer Early Start will be in effect. How will it affect things such as financial aid awards, out of state students, etc.? How many students will be successful in remediating in summer and be admissible for fall? Will there be a condition to being admitted that remediation is completed? Lots of questions…will affect many areas.

  4. NSCL Data- who submits the data for HSU? When is it submitted? Ward does the match then inputs into data warehouse for everyone to use. May only be 80-90% accurate but best source of data for subsequent enrollment and graduation.

  5. HR and Finance Data-The migration of finance data to CFS is complete. Starting to prototype the HR data and will be meeting with HR to determine the reports and functionality. A discussion of using OBI to access data as well as pointing to the data views in the student warehouse to match with SFR data was started. A meeting will be set up with Stephan, Ward, Holly, John and others to further discuss the project.