R.A.C Meeting Notes

Notes for July 6, 2010

In attendance: Gay Hylton, Holly Aitken, Jacqueline Nagatsuka, Daeng Khoupradit, Jordan Meyer, James Clifton, Stephan Grimes, Ward Headstrom, and Hillary Dashiell, John Filce

  1. K Box update-In order to use moodle, John and Jordan need to do the compliance workshop. Jordan will contact Bethany to see if she has a prototype of the request form as she will be changing departments soon, and may not be able to work on it.

  2. Human Resources Data- Data will be available soon. Different departments are currently involved in prototyping. Each group involved is tasked with reporting results at the end of each week. Anyone can participate in prototype if they will be end users of the data.

  3. Processing of data requests by IR- Gay has taken over the ODD job requests, both tracking and filling them. This leads to less confusion and is an efficient and timely model of filling data requests.

  4. Northridge Model-Use this cost model as an example to view department and cost effectiveness. Northridge Model will be posted in RAC Sharepoint. Look into questions such as: How do we cost out classes so we know we are breaking even?

  5. Enrollment Management-We should aim to produce an academic calendar that is 3 years into the future so that students can plan ahead.

  6. Reporting of race data for students-IRP has been monitoring ethnicity in new enrollments. Race/ethnicity unknowns were at 14% but have now jumped to 33%- there is a glitch! IRP is concerned that we might lose some variables if we get rid of unknowns.

  7. Staff data by race/ethnicity/gender/disability-CMS is currently in the process of training HR to produce staff data requests with the new OBI system. OBI will be fixed to view staff ethnicity from existing data. CMS needs to work with parties who need data every year to automate and query the requests.