Campus Quality Survey (CQS)

During the Spring 2012 semester IRP conducted the Campus Quality Survey (CQS). The CQS had previously been administered by the CSU as a system-wide survey known as the Student Needs and Perception Survey (SNAPS). The renaming of the survey reflects the desire to collect data on student’s experiences across the campus and surrounding community. Questions were solicited from all areas of campus to provide a more comprehensive view of the student experience. The survey was given to the entire HSU student population between February 21st and March 9th, and after three weeks of deployment, 2,293 students, or 31% of the population responded. The respondents match the population of students within two percentage points for almost all demographic variables other than gender. Females are over represented in the responses. The survey will help the campus analyze and assess services, academics and campus climate for students, allowing improvement to take place in areas identified.

We will also use the responses from the survey to inform the campus about how student experiences effect their social and academic integration at HSU to assist in the retention and graduation of students.

Campus Quality Survey - Final Presentation Fall 2012

Campus Quality Survey - Final Report Fall 2012

Campus Quality Survey - Summary Results

Campus Quality Survey - Instrument


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