About IE

Reporting to the Provost, the Director leads the Office of Institutional Effectiveness providing a broad spectrum of services to all internal departments and external bodies as necessary. IE is responsible for the official collection, analysis, report generation and dissemination of institutional data on topics such as enrollment, retention and graduation rates and time-to-degree, faculty and staff characteristics, in-structional and programmatic cost and productivity, financial peer comparisons, and other data for the purpose of providing accurate information to support transparent, evidence-based planning and decision-making and a cul-ture of assessment.

IE also provides decision support and guidance to many entities on campus. An example would be to the Office of Retention and Inclusive Student Success (RISS) with the goal of helping to evaluate the success of academic and co-curricular student support programs and their role in retention and learning outcomes. IE is a resource that responds to data requests from the campus community for compliance, comparison purposes and assessment of current strategies and for help in formulating goals and objectives, data analysis, planning and process design and establishing performance metrics and benchmarks.

Meet the IE staff:

Lisa Castellino, Ph.D., Associate Vice President of IE
(707) 826-5339

Directs the efforts of IE by coordinating data development and research with IE staff and data experts assigned to other areas of the University to identify relevant institutional data, design and implement data collection strategies, conduct data analyses, and prepare effective summary reports. Coordinates the dissemination of institutional data in the form of the Fact book, Retention Report, web reports, and other ad hoc report requests that meet the strategic goals of the institution. Strategic priorities are determined by institutional planning and effectiveness assessment needs. The Director also coordinates the usage and presentation of all institutional data, including that which is reported to external agencies.

John Filce, Associate Director
707) 826-5487

Coordinates development of data reporting infrastructure for Institutional Research and analysis. Prepares measures and data translations for use in Program Review, planning, and accountability. Conducts analysis of key instructional measures used for effectiveness evaluation. Maintains specialized knowledge of curriculum, class scheduling, and faculty workload data.

Ward Headstrom, M.S., Data Scientist
(707) 826-6193

Creates computer processes which capture data about students. Builds data structures, reporting tools, projections, and web pages that make this data accessible to other campus staff.

Gay Hylton, Administrative Analyst
(707) 826-5340

Coordinates survey efforts of the university community, tracks external and internal survey data requests, monitoring deadlines and soliciting required data from key providers. As IPEDS keyholder, coordinates university's IPEDS responses. Screens, tracks and provides data for all data/report requests for the institution. Compiles and provides data analysis for special collections such as accreditation. Publishes data and analysis commentary. Maintains secondary historical data collections for IE.

Michael Le, M.A., Research Associate
(707) 826-5489

Responsible for projects which are broad in scope because of many inter-related issues. This includes planning the methodology, developing questionnaires and other fact-finding tools, executing projects, analyzing the data, and developing recommendations for future plans or actions. The areas of study cover student enrollment/characteristics, enrollment management (e.g., admission, retention, and graduation), faculty/staff characteristics, curriculum studies, graduate programs, data processing, instructional effectiveness, extension and summer session programs, etc.

Research Analyst will utilize qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research methodology and statistical procedures to translate complex institutional data into usable information while using appropriate text and graphical presentation to tailor the report/presentation for a specific audience (e.g., administrators/staff/faculty, students, and the public). Analysis, reports, and presentations should inform or advance the University's educational policy, administrative decisions, strategic planning, and assessment activities. The Research Analyst will develop working relations with campus staff as well as others in the Office of the Chancellor to coordinate projects with other studies and activities.

Amy Lowe, M.A., Research Analyst
(707) 826-5485

Under the immediate supervision of the Director of Institutional Effectiveness (IE) and working collaboratively with IE Staff, the Research Assistant is primarily responsible for producing analysis and reports for the Innovation Award for Student Success. The Research Assistant will produce analysis and reports for institutional data to advance the University's educational policy, administrative decisions, strategic planning, and assessment activities to support findings occurring as part of the grant. This position requires an understanding of higher education institutional data and processes, and an awareness and application of higher education issues. With guidance from the Director and other Institutional Research staff, the Research Assistant will need to translate complex institutional data into usable information while tailoring it for university decision-makers, grant stakeholders, departments, students, and the public. Intermediate analytical, research, statistical, communication, and technical skills are essential to job performance.

Angela Rich, M.A., Research Analyst
(707) 826-4581

Description coming soon.

Joshua Smith, Change Management
(707) 826-5338

Description coming soon.

Marisa D'Arpino, Change Management Specialist
(707) 826-5336

Description coming soon.

Ronda Stemach, Data Administrator
(707) 826-5334

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Past HSU IE staff:

  • Amy Lowe, M.A., Research Analyst

  • Jacqueline Honda, Ed.D., (Retired: Spring 2014)

  • Rick Vrem, (Retired: Fall 2012)