General Data Dashboards

  • University Enrollment Dashboard: Student enrollment data for all HSU and by college for the last 4 years. Updated Fall 2015!

  • Department Enrollment Dashboard: Student enrollment data by department for the last 4 years. Updated Fall 2015!

  • FTFTUG Retention Rates: First-time full-time undergraduate 1, 2, and 3-year retention rates by college, gender, and URM for 2003-2011 cohorts.

  • FTFTUG Graduation Rates: First-time full-time undergraduate 4, 5, and 6-year graduation rates by college, gender, URM, and more for 2000-2008 cohorts.

  • Origin Institution of Applicants: An interactive map and data table that shows the count of applicants, admitted, and registered students by the Institution of Origin.

  • Achievement Gap of FTFTUG Students: Comparison between URM and non-URM students for 6-year graduation Rates with follow-up information on 1 and 2-year retention rates and 4-year graduation rates.

  • HSU Historical HC-FTES: This dashboard contains Unduplicated Headcount and Full-time Equivalent Students from 2000 to current.

Specialty Data Dashboards

Data Dashboards - Under development

Dashboards Not working?

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