Data Center

Below are links to university data. If you don't find what you need please contact us or fill out a data request form.

Humboldt Institutional Summaries

Summary data tables by topic: Applicant counts, applicant yields, enrolled students, graduation by FTUG, retention and graduation rates, and student demographics.

Program Level Data

Contains institutional level data along with individual data sheets for major programs, minors, and course subject areas. Topics include: annual enrollment statistics, student retention, degrees awarded and graduation rates, and course success reports.

Class Schedule Management

Seat Availability, Class Schedules, Class schedule audits, FAD , Class Load and Course Section reports

Enrollment History (1913 to 2013)

Historical records of student Headcount and Full-Time Equivalent Students (FTES).

On-Demand Data (ODD)
A reporting tool that will generate data files containing information about specific populations of students. For a variety of privacy and security reasons, IRP do not post disaggregated or sensitive data online. To access this data, the secure option is to use an ODD job. Staff and faculty who want more information about submitting an ODD job from Campus Solution should refer to this how to guide.

Common Data Set (CDS)

The CDS is a collaborative effort between four major college guide publishers and the higher education community to develop a standard set of questions and data definitions for use in surveys.

Other Institutional Data, Glossary, and Explanations

This is a collection of pages to help you understand the reports presented on this site.