IRP Presentations

Every November, the Office of Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) attends the California Association of Institutional Researchers (CAIR) Conference. The following are presentations by HSU IRP staff listed by year.

2013 CAIR Conference Presentations

Using a Random Forest Model to Predict Enrollment
- Presenters: Ward Headstrom
- Presentation: PDF, PPTX

Visual Analytics Utilizing Tableau Interactive Dashboards
- Presenter: Michael Le, Humboldt State Univerity
- Presenter: Dmitri Rogulkin, Fresno State Univerity (Go to CSU Fresno)
- Presentation:PDF, PPTX, Handout: PDF


2012 CAIR Conference Presentations

Generating Collections of Summary Data on the Web with Built-in Nav
- Presenters: Ward Headstrom and John Filce
- Presentation: PDF, PPTX, Handout: PDF

Campus Quality Survey
- Presenter: Gay Hylton
- Presentation: PDF, PPTX,

2011 CAIR Conference Presentations

Building Self-Updating Excel Workbooks
- Presenters: John Filce and Ward Headstrom
- Presentation: PDF, PPTX

Leading Indicators of Academic Success and Non Success
- Presenter: Jacque Nagatsuka
- Presentation: PDF, PPTX

2010 CAIR Conference Presentations

Meandering Pathways – Understanding the Effects of Changing Majors
- Presenter: John Filce
- Presentation: PDF, PPTX

Techniques for Increased Race Re-survey
- Presenter: Daeng Khoupradit
- Presentation: PDF

A Mixed Methods Approach to Determine Why Students Leave
- Presenter: Gay Hylton
- Presentation: PDF

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