2013-2014 IRP Research Agenda

The Office of Institutional Research and Planning engages in high quality data reporting, research, and assessment that improves evidence-based decision-making, institutional effectiveness and success for all students and the institution. With the addition of two new research analysts in spring 2013, this six-person office engages in a wide variety of projects as listed below:

Summer 2013

- Develop interactive dashboards using Tableau
- Expand Humboldt Institutional Summaries (HUMIS)
- Expand application and registration comparisons (admissions, international, vets)
- Continue enrollment management projections
- Continue Class, seat availability, room scheduling reports, and low success
- Publish program review fiscal data
- WASC-IPEDS-prepare for midterm report
- Publish program review data
- Prepare CAIR presentations
- Conduct a Institute on student success workshop

IR Certificate
- Complete PSYC 550: Introduction to Institutional Research
- Develop recruitment presentations

Website Overhaul
- Update and change IRP Website
- Update data and survey request form

Fall 2013

Census Reports
- Update the Retention Report and web data
- Start a Graduation Report and update web data
- Update and expand the HSU Fact Book and Fast Facts
- Publish Student Right to Know (STRK) data

Projects and Reports
- Spring to fall Leaver's survey
- Update room utilization report
- Update PREP data (curriculum analysis, student affairs backend data, and course repeats)
- Update PREP with Grade distribution data and low success
- Publish Report on 2013 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
- Publish Report on 2013 EDUCAUSE-ECAR Survey

IR Certificate
- Complete PSYC 551: Applied Research in Higher Education
- Admit first cohort/setup internships

Data Reporting
- Report Data to Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA) for College Portrait
- Data for ratings publications (US News, Peterson's, ACT, etc.)
- Student Achievement Measure (SAM)
- Update the Common Data Set (CDS)

Spring 2014

Census Reports - Ongoing
- Publish term census reports on web
- Publish academic Year Stats on web
- Compile data for diversity report

Projects and Reports
- Start a report on male retention/graduation (Book circle on Demise of Guys)
- Start a report on super seniors
- Conduct, analyze, and publish a report of the Campus Qulaity Survey (CQS)
- Conduct the CSU Employee Engagement Survey W/ODI
- Create Interactive Dahsboards for Enrollment Managment Working Group
- Create Univerity Report on Course Evaluatons (ClassClimate)
- Labor cost projections for program review
- Develop dahboards using DM_ERSS_ALL_MAJORS
- New ODD Views/enhancements for analysing retention/graduation for subgroups.
- Add feilds to ODD for international students and state support
- My EDU grade data
- IPEDS data reviews for finance, HR, NCAA, student
- Class Load Report
- WASC Balance sheet calculator
- Spring to fall not registered survey and report

IR Certificate
- Teach PSYC 550: Introduction to Institutional Research
- Setup internships for first cohort
- Recruit for second cohort
- Complete PSYC 551 and begin on PSYC 552