Humboldt State University Retention Reports

Retention reports are prepared once a year by the end of Fall semesters. These reports are intended to reach a broad audience responsible for university planning. The hope is that they can inform initiatives such as the Graduation Rate Initiative, Enrollment Management and Retention Coordination. The reports are used to identify indicators of concern which warrant additional attention and research, such as:

  • The declining retention of male students
  • The declining retention of third-year students
  • Below average retention rates for Native American, African American, Pacific Islander and unknown students
  • The low retention rates of lower division transfer students
  • The low retention rates of undeclared students

We are engaging in research that should further the direction of these reports, in areas such as:

  • Remedial and core course studies to identify gateway course success and retention
  • Gender discrepancies in retention of first-time freshmen and transfer students
  • Academic performance in terms of GPA, number of units earned, and academic performance and how it relates to retention
  • Compounding effects of housing, financial aid and campus climate on retention
  • Disaggregation based on declared major

As the University continues to monitor trends in overall and disaggregated retention rates, policy and curricular decisions can be directed to better serve our students.

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