Institute for Spatial Analysis

About Us

Since its inception, the Institute for Spatial Analysis has grown to support a wide range of research and teaching activities incorporating geospatial analysis and modeling of natural, social and conceptual environments. The Institute supports faculty and graduate student research as well as a wide array of funded research and contract work.

Ongoing acquisitions of state-of-the-art computer, network, and software enables students and faculty from across campus to effectively use geospatial analysis techniques in projects and research. The ISA is intended to maintain hardware and software facilities to support of geospatial analysis, modeling, display and dissemination across disciplines

If you have project or research needs that may benefit via the inclusion of geospatial analysis, web-based mapping, data processing or related services, please contact us to discuss your needs. We are particularly interested in projects that can serve as high-quality learning opportunities for students enrolled in our graduate and undergraduate programs in geospatial analysis.

The ISA also welcomes charitable donations. Support of the ISA may be provided via online donations through the HSU Advancement webpage (select Instutute for Spatial Analysis as the reciepient). If you would like support specific initiatives such as student scholarships, faculty research support or a donation of high-end computer hardware or software please contact the Director directly for more information.