The Anasazi book cover

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The Anasazi 
William W. Lace 
2005. Thomson Gale

 Rating:  dull but informative



Lost Civilizations, a series of books about cultures that have changed or evolved contradicts the title within the text.  The civilizations aren’t lost but modified.  William W. Lace has created a book on the Anasazi that include present day Pueblo, Zuni, and Hopi thoughts, beliefs and theories, as well as explaining scientific theories such as the “land bridge” and migration by boat or canoe from the South Pacific.  By explaining each of the ideas behind the theories the reader is then open to critically think, without being told that anyone way of thinking is right or wrong, and draw their own conclusions to how and why the cultures changed, evolved or dispersed.  Black and white photos, drawings, and diagrams help show the ingenuity, science and overall knowledge included in the anaa’i bi zazi way of life.   Marlette Grant-Jackson – ITEPP-CRC

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