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Birchbark House 
Louise Erdrich 
1999. Hyperion Books

Grades 4 and up 

Rating: Excellent - inspiring



Set in 1847 on an island in Lake superior, author Louise Erdrich projects traditional Ojibwe life through the eyes and heart of a young girl named Omakayas.  The reader feels the experiences that Omakayas and her family go through, from the encroachment of their land to the chores and pains of growing up. Written in a unique circular format, rather than the traditional linear story line, Birchbark House would be a wonderful contrast to the Laura Ingles Wilder - Little House on the Prairie series.  Giving the American Indian view of Westward Expansion, the book would make for wonderful use in the classroom, and was an absolute pleasure to read!

Marlette Grant-Jackson – ITEPP-CRC  (wonderful Book)

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