Jingle Dancer Book Cover

Jingle Dancer
Written by: Cynthia Leitich Smith
Marrow Junior Books
29 pages

Grades k-5

Rating:  Excellent - positive role modeling and cultural experiences.




Jenna dreams of jingle dancing at the next powwow.  She has practiced the dance steps by watching the video tapes of Grandma jingle dancing.  But her dress is not finished, and she needs four rows of jingles before it will be ready.  She visits the women from within her family circle that have participated in the jingle dance and borrows a row of rolled aluminum jingles from three women that have other commitments and are unable to dance themselves.  Grandma not only gives Jenna her fourth and final row of Jingles she assists Jenna in making her very own Jingle Dress.  Jenna attends the powwow and proudly dances for each of the four women that helped her finish her dress.


Jenna’s determination and admiration, for the women who dance, show on every page through brilliantly drawn illustrations and real to life story.  She respects the women for who they are and is determined to keep their traditions intact, so she gets help from all the women in her family.  Marlette Grant-Jackson – ITEPP-CRC

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