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Native Americans of the Northeast Book Cover

Native Americans of the Northeast
Kidhaven Press
Jan 2005
Pages 48

Grade: 4 - 8

 Rating:  Harmful

The North American Indians: Native Americans of the Northeast is another book in a generic ethnocentric series about Native Americans of North America.  Starting off with the Paleo-Indians following the wooly mammoths from Asia to what is now Alaska, this book throws Indian tribal names at you and then lumps them together under two cultures the Iroquois and Algonquian tribes, then gives a few broad accomplishments such as growing corn, beans, and squash.  Then briefly tries to interpret Native American Religion for the northeastern tribes saying they all believed in a “supreme being” and all “practiced their religions” daily.   When discussing the twentieth century we see:

  • 1)      interest in Native American cultures has been revived and therefore tribes have began teaching Native languages, History and crafts in reservation schools; 
  • 2)      tribes have helped themselves dramatically through gambling casinos. 
  • 3)      many older Natives still live on the Reservations but that the younger ones have chosen to move to the cities.  
  • 4)      Life has greatly improved in the last fifty years, but more work lies ahead for these resourceful people.

The series lacks authenticity and Native voice, and will perpetuate a belittling stereotypical generic outlook on Native achievements, accomplishments and people.

   Marlette Grant-Jackson – ITEPP-CRC

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