Truth is a Bright Star book cover

Truth is a Bright Star
Joan Price
Tricycle Press, Berkeley, CA  1982
pages:  150

Grade: 5 +

Rating: Neutral

Loma, is on one of thirteen Hopi children kidnapped by Spanish soldiers and sold into slavery in 1832.  Purchased by Big Jim, a beaver trapper and taken into the wintery mountains, Loma refuses to kill other than for food and ends up saving the life of the trapper, they had become good friends.  Upon their return to Santa Fe New Mexico, they learn that the governor of Santa Fe has issued the return of the Hopi children do to the persistence of Wickvaya, whos wife had been kidnapped too.  The soldiers that had stolen the children were whipped and drug through the town, as punishment for their actions.  And the children where taken home.

Thoughts:  The book was well written, it kept my interest and made me want to find out the rest of the story.  With a Historical Background, glossary and Bibliography the book seems to be authentic and accurate, but is written in a way that you feel more sympathetic to the Slave Owner/Trapper, Big Jim, than you do for the Hopi children that were stolen from their homes & parents.  Ethnocentric in concept.

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