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Natasha Goes to the Brush Dance

Natasha Goes to the Brush Dance
Jack Norton
JackNorton, Sac, CA 2000
pages:  52

Grades: K +

 Rating:  Good

Natasha, is a nine year old Yurok girl, who has grown up with her grandparents and is proud of her Indian heritage.  After Natasha learned her first Brush Dance song her grandparents started gathering and preparing materials to make her a ceremonial dress. Learning the appropriate etiquette and respect Natasha is raised knowing her culture and therefore is secure with herself and .

Jack has written a much needed book about the Yurok (and Karuk & Hupa) people.  With so few materials available for/about Local Native children this book is truly a MUST HAVE for any California Indian Collection. 

   Marlette Grant-Jackson – ITEPP-CRC

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