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Rainy's Powwow Book Cover


Rainy's Powwow
Linda Theresa Raczek
Rising Moon, Flagstaff, AZ, 1999
Pages: 29

Grades: 3+

 Rating:  Neutral

Lorraine (Rainy) attends a powwow with old grandmother White Hair, and feels left out.  While watching the Grande Entry (parade of dancers on to the dance grounds) Lorraine frowned.  "They will call me Chicken Feathers!" she said angrily. After thinking things through she asked grandmother about the Traditional dancers. She talked to Saleen, the Powwow princess who was a fancy shawl dancer. She asked Celeste who dances the  Jingle Dance. She stepped onto the dance ground and dance even after the music stops, only the laughter of those around her brought tears and sadness. In the end she decides to be a  Traditional dancer and dance for her grandmother in the Powwow Circle. 

The book doesn't seem to be written with a positive influence, the names used are seemingly stereotypical "grandmother white hair" and the over all experience of the girl at the powwow is scary and sad; and the illustrations seem to be dark and dreary. 

  Marlette Grant-Jackson – ITEPP-CRC

I would recommend Cynthia Leitich-Smith's Jingle Dancer instead.