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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top ten questions asked of the CRC.

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Do All Native American Indian people live in teepees?

No. The local tribes, in what is known now as Humboldt County, never lived in teepees. The local Humboldt, Del Norte, and Trinity Counties Tribes lived in cedar or redwood plank subterranean houses.

Hoopa Examples: Hupa/Hoopa | Hoopa Sweat House

Karuk Examples: Karuk house 1923 | Sweat house without roof

Virtual reality view: Inside Yurok House | Outside Yurok House

I need to find out about my Indian Blood, where do I start?

Well I suggest talking with your family. Then once you have names (first and last) and an idea of tribal affiliations, you can contact the Bureau of Indian Affairs aka BIA or contact the Tribes enrollment department.  But YOU will have to be the one that does the leg work.

Check out:  Guide to tracing your Roots

Who can use the materials at the CRC?

We specialize in the Campus community, but community memebers are more than welcome.  As long as you have a Valid Drivers License, and are over 18.

Is there someone that can entertain my 3rd/4th grade students by telling stories or dancing?

Ummm... I have students that are sometimes willing to share local tribal History and culture with classes, but it's an Educational venue not for entertainment.   In most all Native tribes, dancing is a form of ceremony and would be seen as

derogatory if used as a PE excersize or a game to entertain children.

What is so wrong with an Indian Mascot?

There are varying ideas behind the mascot issue, but if we are the only "living" ethnicity and political group that is still seen as a people of the past, and as stereotypical hollywood images, we are not just teaching your children but our children how to view themselves.  If folks think that only "real" Indians lived before 1924, what and who are the children born today?
You may want to check out the following Sites:

Native Appropriations Blog has a good Halloween appropriation article

Students and Teachers against Racism

Lisa Mittens Mascot Issues

Indian Mascots Affect more than Sports

Do you have any Information on the Alcatraz occupation?

Yes, I have a section specifically dedicated to Alcatraz.  But you might want to check out:

Alcatraz:  Occupation

Troy Johnsons Alcatraz Indian Occupation

Alcatraz is not an Island - detailing a documentary

What is the Native American Studies departments phone number?

The NAS department is located in BSSB 154. 

The main phone number is 826-4329

How many federally recognized tribes are in California?

I believe as of January 2011 there are a total of 108 Federally Recognized Tribes in California.

Do you have any information on Indian Education?

Yes, we have a good deal of information about how Indian Education has changed over the years, depending on the governments view  and Idea of what Indian Education should be.

Do you have any good political cartoons?

I normally tend to look at Indian Country Todays Editorial cartoons, but has some pretty good ones too.