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The following book reviews have been done by staff  at the ITEPP Curriculum Resource Center. 

Not all books listed are recommended for classroom reading.

Another great source is Debbie Reese's

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Book Reviewed

The Anasazi Book Cover
The Anasazi 
byWilliam Lace

The Araphao Book Cover
The Arapaho
by Natalie Rosinsky

Bearstone book cover
Bearstone by Will Hobbs

Birchbark House book cover
Birchbark House
by  Louise Erdrich

Brother Eagle, Sister Sky book cover
Brother Eagle, Sister Sky by Susan Jeffers

Coyote Fights the Sun Book cover
Coyote Fights the Sun by Mary Carpelan

The Choctaw Book Cover
The Choctaw
by McKee

Corn is Maize Book cover
Corn is Maize by Aliki Brandenberg

Crazy Horse Book Cover
Crazy Horse 
by Elaine LAndau

Dancing Teepees Book Cover
Dancing Teepees 
by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve

Digger Book Cover
Digger by Jerry Stanley

The good luck cat book cover
The Good Luck Cat 
by Joy Harjo

heart of a chief book cover
The Heart of A Chief
By Joseph Bruchac

island of the blue dolphin book cover
Island of the Blue Dolphine

jingle dancer book cover
Jingle Dancer
by Cynthia Leitich-Smith

kit's indian summer book cover
Kit's Indian Summer by Sharon Brown

knots on a counting rope book cover
Knots on a Counting Rope

life among the piutes book cover
Life Among the Piutes by Sarah Winnemucca

little women warrior who came home book cover
Little Woman Warrior Who Came Home by Evangeline Yazzie, Ed.D

moccasin thunder book cover
Moccasin Thunder
Edited by Lori Carlson

the mohawk book cover
The Mohawk
by Nancy Bonvillian

the mud pony book cover
The Mud Pony by Cohen & Begay

my heart is on the ground book cover
My Heart is On the Ground by Ann Rinaldi

natasha goes to the brush dance book cover
Natasha Goes to the Brush Dance by Jack Norton

native americans of the northeast book cover
Native Americans of the Northeast
by Sheila Wyborny

navajo long walk book cover
Navajo Long Walk 
By Joseph Bruchac

the ojibwe book cover
The Ojibwe 
by Natalie Rosinsky

old grandfather teaches a lesson book cover
Old Grandfather Teaches a Lesson by Carilyn Alarid & Marilyn Markel

rainy's powwow book cover
Rainy's Powwow by Linda Thresea Raczek

sign of the beaver book cover
Sign of the Beaver

the teton sioux book cover
The Teton Sioux
by Nancy Bonvillian

thunder rolling in the mountains book cover
Thunder Rolling in the Mountains by Scott O'Dell & Elizabeth Hall

truth is a bright star book cover
Truth is a Bright Star by Joan Price

the wampanoag book cover
The Wampanoag 
by Natalie Rosinsky

we are mesquakie book cover
We Are Mesquakie

Yurok (Native Americans) book coverYurok





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