Marlette Grant-Jackson

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Paula Tripp — Academic Advisor


ITEPP Alumnus, Paula “Pimm” Allen, was hired in April as a part‐time academic advisor at ITEPP. Pimm brings with her years of experience
working with Indian students, communities, and programs most recently at United Indian Health Services. She is active in local ceremonials and
is quite knowledgeable on local Indian cultural mores, values, and educational programs. Her in‐depth historical knowledge of HSU/ITEPP adds to the strength of the program. Pimm’s grandmother, Violet Tripp, and father, Amos
Tripp, were founding ITEPP board members in 1969.

Pimm joins Marlette Grant‐Jackson in providing academic and cultural advising to boost ITEPP student retention and graduation success at Humboldt State University. Welcome back to ITEPP and Humboldt State University!