More about the ITEPP family

Program History

The original “Indian Teacher Education Project” started in 1969 as a teacher preparation program for 18 American Indian students at Humboldt State University (HSU). In 1979 the renamed “Indian Teacher and Educational Personnel Program” (ITEPP) expanded to include American Indian students who were preparing for careers in counseling and social work as well as teaching. Since the mid-1980s ITEPP's annual enrollment has exceeded 30 American Indian students with ever-broadening professional interests. In 2012 we have changed the name yet again to keep students from thinking we are "Just for Teachers", we are now Indian Tribal and Educational Personnel Program.

Today about 50% of ITEPP's 200+ graduates are employed as teachers, counselors, and administrators in educational settings ranging from preschools, to elementary and high schools, to colleges and universities. Another 25% of ITEPP's graduates serve communities through Tribal organizations. The remaining 25% are pursuing graduate degrees or working as business professionals, consultants, and providers of health and human services.

Our Mission

The Indian Tribal & Educational Personnel Program’s mission is to facilitate and promote academic success and self-efficacy for primarily American Indian students at Humboldt State University that validates Tribal cultural values, political status and promotes the federal Indian policy of Indian Self-Determination.