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Marlette Grant-Jackson — Resource Coordinator & Academic Advisor

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Niwho:n je:nis whima:lyo' (Good day my friend/relative in Hupa) skue-yen' ue ke-choyhl nak-new Marlette Grant-Jackson. Hoopa mey'-wue-me-chok (good afternoon, my name is Marlette Grant-Jackson.  I am from Hoopa. in Yurok), ITEPP CRC Coordinator, and Student Service Academic Advisor.

I came to Humboldt State University, right out of high school in 1986.   I took a 13 year break from college to work and after having my children, decided to return to HSU. I graduated with a BA in Native American Studies, and a minor in American Indian Education. In October of 2001 I became the ITEPP CRC Coordinator. In July of 2007 I also assumed the responsibility of Student Services Academic Advisor, as well.

I work directly with students, teachers and professors on campus and the community.  As the CRC Coordinator I assist students with everything from finding the materials they need for a research paper, or speech, to laying out and editing video's shot for High School projects and graphic art layouts for visual aids, as well as fliers/posters for club activities. 

As the Student Services Academic Advisor, my job is to help the students:

* Create educational plans
* contact professors and tutors when needed
* assist with graduation forms and Major Contracts etc.

* plan their college courses to best serve their interests and career goals

* adjust to college life

* feel safe and at home here at HSU and ITEPP
* find and access classes to meet education plans

wo-hlklaw' ki-me' ke nas esee To'kee kem ney-wu-chek (thank you for coming, and I will see you later. in Yurok)