Student Services

ITEPP students achieve a much higher graduation rate than the general HSU student population. The following services are provided to enhance the academic experience of ITEPP stduents:

Academic Advising

  • Personal, one on one advising and contact
  • Time management planning, course scheduling, to finding a Major
  • Active support system

Home away from home atmosphere

  • Student Club and activities (fundraising, BBQ's, Movie nights, etc)
  • Tutoring, mentoring, advising
  • House with kitchen, sofas, and study areas
  • Program students get Key card access to facilities 24/7

Use of ITEPP equipment

  • Computer Lab (full online access)
  • Laser Printer
  • Color Printer
  • Copier (limited)
  • Fax
  • Video Camera
  • Digital camera (still images)
  • Flatbed Scanner
  • Student phone
  • Fax
  • Electronic Piano
  • Office Supplies (for academic purposes)
  • Student mail boxes

Curriculum Resource Center

  • Study spaces
  • VHS/DVD Movies (and a place to watch them)
  • Class room ready Curriculum
  • Native Magazines and Journals
  • 6500 books on/about and by Native Americans
  • Graphic design and layout equipement