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Avoid the Mobile Termination Rate trap


If you ever make overseas calls on HSU business, you need to be aware of just how expensive these calls can be - and that in future, these calls will be billed to your department. Learn more about how you can avoid falling into the Mobile Termination Rate trap.


Voicemail :: What's New

We've updated the information about the new OneBox voicemail system on the Voicemail service page. While the new system has been configured to largely replicate the functionality of the old Octel system, there are a few differences you should be aware of. Check out the main differences.

Don't be a victim of identity theft!


HSU staff and students are STILL falling victim to email scams. Please remember that it's not just your security, but the security of all the information you have the authority to access on HSU networks that's at risk when you respond to or click on anything in a fraudulent email. Learn more about how to avoid email scammers.


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