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Nolij, Nolij, Everywhere!

Bethany Rizzardi, Project & Technical Communications Coordinator

Efficiency is the order of the day in the Project Office, too, with a major focus on converting many manual processes to Nolij, the digital filing cabinet system we’re deploying across a number of departments. Nolij enables users to store and process digitized documents automatically, saving time and improving efficiency with the use of workflow, forms and integration with PeopleSoft and other online databases. It’s becoming so widespread that you’re almost guaranteed to run into – and benefit from - the improvements Nolij is bringing to campus over the next few months.

Here’s a list of the projects we’re working on currently:

  • Accounts Payable. Nolij will speed up the processing of payments by eliminating as much paper as possible and routing payment requests electronically.
  • Admissions. Several departments (Admissions, EOP, Graduate Office, and International Programs) will be using Nolij to coordinate efforts to streamline the student admissions process.
  • Fee Waiver. Human Resources, the Office of the Registrar, and Student Financial Services are collaborating to create a faster and more efficient way to handle fee waiver applications.
  • Financial Aid. The Financial Aid Verification process has been Nolij-driven since last fall. This year they’ll be working towards automating the rest of their office functions.
  • Human Resources. HR is automating the approval methods for both recruitment forms (Form 1-5) and appointment forms.
  • Integrated Curriculum Committee. Better curriculum proposal tracking and follow up are the outcomes ICC is looking for from their Nolij implementation.
  • Travel Authorization. Business Services is working to automate approval and processing of travel authorization forms with Nolij.

We're excited about the benefits these projects will bring to individual departments as well as to campus as a whole. Once they’re complete, you might just have to find another excuse to go for a walk around campus!