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Clickers: Regarding Responseware

A number of you are asking whether it’s possible for students to use Turning Technologies’ ResponseWare software on their mobile devices instead of buying clickers. We’ve examined this issue carefully, and have concluded that we should strongly urge faculty to not use ResponseWare for the following reasons:

Clickers :: Software Downloads

You should always be sure to prepare your classroom materials using the current version of the TurningPoint software in use at Humboldt State University. The following TurningPoint applications are supported at HSU:

  • TurningPoint 5.1.3 for PC
  • TurningPoint 5.1.3 for Mac

This software was updated in Fall 2012.

Click on the appropriate link below to download the HSU version of TurningPoint software onto your laptop or other computer you plan to use to prepare clicker-driven instructional materials:

Clickers :: Training

Clicker training sessions are available at the beginning of each semester (Spring and Fall) during the week prior to school starting, or on demand. Sessions are also available throughout the year for both new users and returning users looking for a refresher. Instructional sessions, when combined, total 90 minutes and cover software installation, database and presentation creation, class information reviews, and uploading files. They can be broken into multiple shorter sessions to fit your schedule. We also do both individual and group sessions for whole departments.

Clickers :: Information for Students

The Turning Point technology installed at HSU supports two clicker models:

ResponseCard RF LCDResponseCard RF

Please do not use any other device; if you do, responses may not be recorded accurately.

Clickers :: Information for Faculty

Getting started with clickers

  1. Sign up for training
  2. Download the updated software.
  3. Order the appropriate number of clickers for your students through the HSU Bookstore. We recommend the TurningPoint RF clickers (ISBN # 978-193-4931400). Current (2011) prices are $42.75 each new, $32.75 each used. The same buyback program that applies to textbooks also applies to clickers.

Clickers :: Overview

HSU uses the Turning Point classroom response system to increase class interactivity and improve student engagement. The system also enables both students and instructors to get real-time feedback on class effectiveness.