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Project Requests

Starting with the Fall 2015 Project Prioritization Cycle, a new web-based process is in place for requesting ITS projects. The request form follows a very similar approach to the old PDF form, but there are certain differences you need to be aware of as you begin this process for the first time, so please download and review this short guide before you start.

Brown Bag Session: Establishing and Using Metrics to Improve Processes

Date: Friday October 24, 2014

Time: 11:00am-Noon

Location: Gist Hall 211C (Lab)

Session Leader: Josh Smith

Did the changes we made to our processes make a difference? Did they really improve things?

If the criteria for measuring success are not set before you start down the road of improving a business process, it's impossible to know for sure whether those improvements met your goals. Setting clearly defined indicators (aka metrics) can help to both motivate teams and measure success.

This session will cover:

Brown Bag Session: Process Terminology

Date: Friday September 26, 2014

Time: Noon-1pm

Location: Gist Hall 211C (Lab)

Session Leader: Phil Rouse

When you’re working through business processes, it’s all too easy to slip into jargon and acronyms that, while they are second nature to you, may be misunderstood by or completely incomprehensible to others involved with the process. This Brown Bag session will discuss strategies to clarify the language and terminology used to identify and describe business processes.

We’ll cover topics like:

The ITS Project Office Team

Meet the folks who make up your ITS Project Office team:

Process Improvement Work Sessions

The following work sessions are available on request. Please contact the Process Improvement team at (707) 826-5081 or (707) 826-5097 to schedule a session. If there is an area you're interested in covering that's not listed below, feel free to suggest it to the team.

Analytical Review of Documentation/Findings

Perfect for those projects that have already done process mapping, issue identification, and/or recommendations and want someone to look over their work and provide feedback.

Prerequisites: None

Process Improvement Training Sessions

The following training sessions are currently on offer.

Overview of process Improvement (1/2 day, offered quarterly)

Process Improvement Resources

The following resource materials are currently available for download; please contact the Process Improvement team at (707) 826 5081 if you have questions.

New materials will be added here as they become available.

Training presentation

Walks through the process of a typical training session on process improvement.

Welcome new project coordinator Billie Herman


Billie Herman joined the IT Project Office today as a project coordinator alongside Sabre Stacey, filling our last empty seat. Here's a quick Q&A I did with her to give you all an idea of who she is and what she's about before you stop by to say "hi".


Process Improvement Tips

Tips & Tricks

Try incorporating these tips and tricks into your everyday activities and you should start to see things improve, even without any formal training sessions. If you've come across anything that has really worked well for you, send it on over to Josh Smith and we'll include it on this page.