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ITS Project Office

ITS Project Prioritization Results - Spring 2012

The Project Prioritization cycle for Spring 2012 has been completed. The Steering Committee received a total of 33 project proposals, of which 21 were recommended to the Vice Presidents; all 21 recommended projects have been approved and are now being scheduled. Read more ...

IT Project Prioritization - Submit your proposals

  The Spring 2012 cycle for submitting proposals for large IT-related projects is now open! Details on how to submit a proposal and a full description of the prioritization process are on the ITS website at Proposals are due by March 9, 2012.

Project Prioritization Results - Fall 2011

In September 2011, we announced a new, streamlined process for evaluating large IT projects in order to ensure that limited resources and budgets would be deployed to the greatest benefit of the HSU community. The first cycle of this project prioritization process is now complete, and the results are now available for your review.

ITS Project Resources

Requesting a project

Projects may start with a Project Request if it's clear the request meets the criteria for a project (more than 20 hours of work and two or more people to do the work) or with an ITS Support Request Form (if you're not sure of the scope of the work required).

See a summary of how the IT Projects process works. 

SharePoint Login Instructions

How to Log In

Use your HSU User Name and password.  Mac users, those working off-site, and some on-site users will need to preface their HSU User Name with "HSU-AD\":



Proposal Process for Large IT Projects

ITS wants to make sure that everyone knows how to request our help, and that we are consistent and effective in how we respond. Learn more about our Project Prioritization Process.

ITS Work Request - Internal Use

You can use this form as the starting point for an IT initiative if you'd like to gather more information than a KBOX ticket request. Simpler tasks are handled internally using existing resources on an as-available basis; larger tasks are designated projects and are subject to a prioritization process before being scheduled.  (Requests for telecommunications and network services are not currently included in this process. )

Red asterisks denote mandatory fields.

ITS Project Prioritization

Prioritization Results for Spring 2014

The following documents describe the results of the Spring 2014 project prioritization cycle:

ITS Project Office :: Making Revisions to a Project

1. After logging in to the ITS website, go to the ITS Project Status Page

2. Choose your project from the list by clicking on its title.

Project List

ITS Project Office :: Creating a New Project

1. After logging into the ITS website, click the Create Content link on the right side of the screen.

Step One-Create Content