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Lab & Smart Classroom Software Request

Software Requests

Purchase of NEW software is the responsibility of the individual departments. You must provide proof of licensing and the software installation media before the software can be installed. 

Pay-for-Print is coming Fall 2010!

 Each year, over 4 million pages are printed in interdisciplinary labs and approximately 400,000 pages are wasted each semester. Students are charged a $5 'paper fee' to cover the costs of printing, but most students print far less than what the fee covers and end up subsidizing the few who print far more. To address the issues of waste and fairness, all student computer labs (including college labs) will utilize a “pay-per-page” system starting in Fall 2010. Read more about Pay for Print.

Labs :: Student Computing Laboratories/Workstations

There are about 1,100 computer workstations available to students at Humboldt State University. Some of these are single workstations, others are in computing laboratories managed by departments for discipline-specific instruction and use, some are in laboratories managed by Academic Computing and available for general campus use, and others are in facilities managed by service units that provide information and online services to students (e.g., the Testing Center). No matter how these workstations are situated and managed, they must be reasonably accessible.

Labs :: Lab Use Conditions

All users of Humboldt State University's computing lab resources are responsible for the well-being and continued availability of the computing, network, and information resources we use. Ensuring a pleasant and productive working environment for all users requires that each user of the computing lab facilities abides by the California State University Responsible Use Policy.

Labs :: Lab Schedules

Fall/Spring Schedule

Below are links to schedules for each interdisciplinary lab during the Fall and Spring Semesters, along with normal open times during the academic year. Lab use is scheduled through Room Reservations, except Library 121 which is scheduled by contacting Cheryl Conner at the Library.

Labs :: Lab Descriptions

This page provides current equipment descriptions for facilities managed by Interdisciplinary Computing. Locations of all facilities are indicated on the campus map of lab locations.


During the summer, the labs operate the following restricted schedule:

  • Monday-Thursday: Lib 121 and Lib 310 are open 8:30am-4:15pm
  • Friday: SH118 is available 9am-4pm

All other Interdisciplinary Labs are unavailable during the summer.

Labs :: Interdisciplinary Computing

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Humboldt State University is committed to ensuring that all users of the interdisciplinary computing lab facilities have a positive and productive lab experience. Please do your part by not disrupting others or modifying workstations, and help us keep the labs free of spills and messes. Any problems should be reported to lab management using the online form.

Labs :: Lab Event Scheduling

You'll find all the information you need to schedule an event in an ITS-managed lab on this page; if you're reserving a facility for use by an off-campus organization, please follow the instructions under Off-Campus Groups.

Labs :: Software Requests

When you schedule time in a Humboldt State University computing lab, you'll need to make sure that the software you need will also be installed and available at your scheduled time and facility. Your department coordinator can help you to determine what is available. If you need to request additional software, use the ITS Lab/Smart Classroom Software Request Form and submit it with your scheduling request so your software installation can be scheduled for the correct facility.