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A broad range of audio, video and multimedia equipment is available for faculty use to present instructional materials. This equipment is intended for the exclusive use of the faculty for the development and presentation of information to students in a classroom setting.

The type of equipment and the length of time it may be checked out is determined through user consultation with Classroom Technology Services staff. Consideration is given to the user's specific need and competing demands for equipment availability.

Equipment can be picked up by faculty from Classroom Technology Services in Gist Hall 221.

Students may use classroom technology equipment to fulfill course requirements with a faculty member's approval and providing they have filled out the Equipment Use Proxy form (this is a pdf form: fill in, print, sign, and turn in at GH 221). A paper version is available at the Classroom Technology Services office. Forms must be filled out and signed by a supervising faculty member and by the student intending to use equipment before equipment can be checked out.

Arrangements for equipment use may be made at the Classroom Technology Services office in Gist Hall or by calling (707) 826-3166.

Equipment may also be rented on approval, depending on need and availability.

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