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Classroom Technology Services makes equipment available to faculty and students free of charge for instructional use. Equipment is also available for rental to the community and for special events, subject to availability; note that priority is given to instructional use requests, which may result in rental cancellations for outside groups.

The standard check-out period is 24 hours, but can sometimes be extended by request. Equipment checked out after 3:00pm on a Friday is not due back until 8:00am the following Monday.

Under State law, anyone checking out Classroom Technology equipment owned by HSU is responsible for its full value and must protect that equipment from theft, loss, or damage; that responsibility extendes to financial liability for the repair or replacement of equipment in the case of negligent damage or loss. All equipment must be returned as scheduled, or excessive-use fees will be levied.

In some circumstances, the use of certain equipment in different or unique ways by Classroom Technology Services may be subject to special pricing.

Complete Systems

All systems include cabling

Off-campus delivery & setup (must be approved by CIO):

Arcata area                       $50.00

Outside Arcata area          $75.00

Equipment & Services

Daily Rates


On Campus

Off Campus

Audio/Video tape duplication $5 $5
CD player $15 $30
Camcorder (Mini DV) $15 $30
Digital camera $25 $50
Document camera $50 $100
Extension cord $10 $15
Laptop (Macintosh or PC) $45 $90
Microphone (stick or Lavalier) $10 $20
Overhead projector $15 $30
Portable PA system (L) 250w $60 $120
Portable PA system (S) 150w $45 $90
Presentation remote (PowerPoint) $10 $20
Projector - 35mm slides $15 $30
Screen - portable S/M (50"/70") $20/25 $40/50
Screen - portable L/XL (10'/12') $35/45 $70/80
Television $20 $40
Tripod $10 $20
VCR (VHS)/DVD player $15 $30
Video/data projector $50 $100
Wireless remote for slide projector $15 $30
Professional-level technical support for setup and operation is available @ $35.00 per hour
Student-level support will be billed @ $20.00 per hour


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