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Clickers :: Information for Faculty

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Getting started with clickers

  1. Sign up for training
  2. Download the updated software.
  3. Order the appropriate number of clickers for your students through the HSU Bookstore. We recommend the TurningPoint RF clickers (ISBN # 978-193-4931400). Current (2011) prices are $42.75 each new, $32.75 each used. The same buyback program that applies to textbooks also applies to clickers.
  4. Update your syllabus to include clicker information and resources.
  5. Update your Moodle content to include clicker information and resources and enable the Turning Technologies Block before the start of the class..
Once you've completed your training, you'll need the following to use clickers in a classroom setting:
  1. A computer with TurningPoint software installed. All computers in HSU Smart Classrooms are equipped with TurningPoint software.
  2. A projector. If your classroom does not have a projector, make arrangements to have one available through Classroom Technology Services.
  3. Your TurningPoint file(s) - Participant List, Question List, etc.
  4. A TurningPoint receiver. Most Smart Classrooms have receivers preinstalled, or you can use your own laptop with a receiver from HSU Clicker Support in Library 315.
  5. A PowerPoint file, if you use PowerPoint
  6. Participants with clickers

Clickers in the classroom

A short PowerPoint presentation has been prepared to help you introduce your students to the use of clickers - we strongly recommend you use this on the first day of class so everyone has a chance to practice using the devices (including you).

Here's a short checklist of what to go over with your students:

  • Clickers are a required material for the course, just like a textbook.
  • Clickers are available at the HSU Bookstore at a discounted rate. Remind them of the importance of keeping their receipt in the event the clicker is defective. Like textbooks, clickers are part of the bookstore buyback program. 
  • Explain how to register their clickers
  • Clicker expectations in the classroom. You will want to tell students when to bring clickers to class, if they will be used every session, and any other requirements you might have. Make these expectations clear at the beginning of the semester. By communicating with the students about why you are using the technology, what you expect from it and how you plan to use it in class will help reduce any unease associated with using an unfamiliar technology in the classroom.
  • Clicker policies in the classroom. You will want to tell students the policies you have associated with clickers in the classroom. This should include areas such as attendance, academic dishonesty, grading, clicker malfunctions, etc. Make sure to include this information in your correspondence, syllabus and Moodle course materials.
  • Technical issues in the classroom. Just like any other piece of technology, clickers are not perfect and there may be unexpected technical issues from time to time. Please be patient, should technical issues arise.
  • Disciplinary procedures. Your instructors, TAs and peers are watching. The misuse of clickers is a violation of the Humboldt State University Student Code of Conduct and punishable through a variety of sanctions, including expulsion.

Clicker resources

HSU coursework development specialists recommend these links as you explore whether clickers are right for you.

Educause articles

For more information, contact the courseware development specialist in your area.

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