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Document Storage Recommendations

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  Departmental access Files for your classes

"You Only" files

Portable files Archive files Personal files
Network folders   ► 


Department shares ►         
Sharepoint ►          
Nolij ►         
Google Drive/Other Google Apps Non-sensitive data    Non-sensitive data   Non-sensitive data     
USB Drive     ►  Non-sensitive data    ► 
External hard drive       Non-sensitive data    ► 
CD/DVD       ►  ►  ► 



  • Use the Department Access options if multiple faculty or staff members need access to the data
  • Use the You Only options if you are the only person who need to access the files
  • Use the Portable options for large files you need to access in multiple locations and/or from multiple devices
  • Use the Archive option for files you don't need to access frequently (these files should be encrypted if they contain sensitive information)
  • PII should remain in its system of record where possible or be stored in Nolij or in a Departmental Share with approval


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