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Frequently Asked Questions - Purchasing :: Hardware

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HSU staff has worked closely with Dell to develop a special price list for campus purchases. By limiting the number of computer/printer manufacturers and models recommended to the campus community via the ITS Purchasing Recommendations website, not only do we save money thanks to more readily-available hardware parts but support staff will be able to more quickly and easily troubleshoot and/or resolve problems with that hardware. If you feel your needs are not fully served by these offerings, please check with your ITC regarding possible alternatives.  

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You'll find complete specifications and HSU pricing for all recommended Dell models and configurations on the Dell Premier web site. Please contact our Dell representative, Jeff Hewitt, and provide him with your name and HSU email address so he can provide you with credentials to access the site. You can reach Jeff at Jeff_Hewett@Dell.com or 1-800 891-3355 ext 513-9376.


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When you're purchasing new hardware, you'll often be offered the opportunity to tailor the equipment with particular functions or add-ons. If you select "customize" during the purchase process, you'll be presented with a list of options, such as multiple monitors or additional hard drive or memory capacity.


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No. If you're happy with the monitor you have, just select the "customize" option when ordering your new computer and select the appropriate option to exclude a monitor.


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HSU has been able to negotiate better prices through Sehi, a specialist supplier of HP equipment. All your favorite printers are still available to you, along with an extensive array of accessories and add-ons, and at a lower price.


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When you click on the Buy Now button for the printer you have selected on the Sehi website, the appropriate HP Care Pack is displayed at the foot of the page along with other recommended items such as toner packs. Just click on the item and add it to your cart to include the warranty with your printer purchase.

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Prices are usually set for 12 months, and we endeavor to keep our published prices updated. However, it's always best to double-check the final price of your equipment on the site you're ordering from to make sure you stay within budget.


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Yes, please keep your ITC in the loop throughout the purchase process, and let them know the estimated (and actual) delivery dates, so they can schedule setting up the equipment for you when it arrives.


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You should give the shipping address for your order as:

<Your Department Name>
Humboldt State University
1 Harpst Street
Arcata, CA 95521

If there is space available, please also include the full name of the person to whom the shipment is being delivered.

NOTE: Including the last name is important, as Shipping & Receiving will have problems tracking the correct recipient down if just a common first name, such as Dave, is used, as some departments have multiple employees with the same first name.

Be sure to let your ITC know when your order is delivered.



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Orders placed using the HSU Purchase Request process

There are two ways to check the status of an order placed using the HSU purchase request process. If you want to know whether your order has left HSU Purchasing yet, do the following:

  • Login to PeopleSoft Finance
  • Go to Select Campus->Humboldt->Login
  • Then go to Financial Services->Production
  • From the menu on the left, go to Purchasing->Requisitions->Review Requisition Information->Document Status
  • Enter Requisition number in the Requisition ID field (six zeros and then the four digit Requisition number)
  • Click “Search” (yellow button at the bottom of the screen)
  • The Requisition Inquiry screen will be displayed, showing your Requisition ID and “Approved” next to it. If it does not say “Approved”, the requisition is awaiting final budget approval.
  • If the requisition has been processed, a blue “Status” tab is displayed on your Requisition Inquiry page. Click this tab to see the status of your order. 

If your order is already with Sehi, you can check your order status by logging into your HSU/Sehi Online Store Account and clicking on the HSU Order History link in the right-hand margin.

Orders placed using an HSU ProCard

You can check your order status by logging into your HSU/Sehi Online Store Account and clicking on the HSU Order History link in the right-hand margin.


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Just let your ITC or the Help Desk know, and they'll make arrangements to set everything up for you.