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Google Apps Tips :: Moving your Zimbra Briefcase

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If you stored files in your Zimbra Briefcase, you'll need to download them and move them across to your Network Folder or upload them to Google Docs if you want to be able to access them online. If you don't need to access them online, you can of course simply save them to your local computer drive.

You'll find instructions below for downloading your Zimbra Briefcase files, or you can watch the video tutorial Moving your Zimbra Briefcase to Google Docs.

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Downloading your Zimbra Briefcase files

1. Login to Zimbra

2. Click on the Briefcase tab. Your Briefcase(s) and files are displayed.



3. Right-click on your Briefcase and select Share Folder.


4. Right-click the link at the bottom of the pop-up window and select Copy Link Location (Firefox) or Copy Shortcut (Internet Explorer).


5. Click Cancel. (Yes, it seems odd, but you will need that link in the next step)


6. Open a new web browser tab. Paste the url you copied in step 4 into the address bar and add .zip to the end of it.


7. If you're prompted to login, do so. Save the file items.zip to your computer. This will download to your Downloads folder or your desktop, depending on how your browser is configured.


8. Locate the items.zip file that you just downloaded.


9. Windows users, right-click on items.zip and select Extract All.  Take note of where the extracted files are saved. Mac users, double-click on items.zip to extract the files.


10. You now have a Briefcase folder that contains all of your files. Keep track of its location, because you'll need this when you go to store the files in Google Docs or in your Network Folder.  You're going to need this later.


Repeat steps 3-9 if you have additional Briefcases.

Uploading Files to Google

Follow the instructions to upload files to Google Docs to upload your Zimbra Briefcase files into Google Apps, so you can access them whenever you want over the web.

Uploading Files to Network Folders

Follow the instructions on using Secure File Transfer Protocol to upload files to your Network Folder to store your files on the HSU web server.

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