Software List

Below is a list of the software installed in ITS facilities for Windows, Mac OS X, or both. Mac systems also dual-boot Windows, which is loaded with the same standard Windows software found in the Windows labs. Due to the increased availability of Windows workstations, Macintosh workstations in Library 122 and 310 will only run Mac OS X, beginning Spring 2013. Other Macintosh facilities remain unchanged.

"Standard Software" is installed in all facilities by default; there is no need for faculty to request installation(s) of these titles.

To make the list a little easier to review, you can enter the application name and/or the location and/or platform and/or whether the application is installed as standard in all ITS labs, just specify that information in the form below and click “Apply”.

The HSU VLab, or Virtual Lab, is a service that enables students, staff and faculty to have round-the-clock access to software installed on a server instead of a computer's local hard drive which can be accessed through a web browser from anywhere in the world with Internet connectivity. Select VLab under Platform or Location to see the list of software.

Platform: Windows
Title Platform Location Standard Software Notes
Minitab 16 Windows BSS 317 Standard
Minitab 16 Windows HGH 115 Standard
Minitab 16 Windows LIB 121 Standard
Minitab 16 Windows LIB 122 Standard
Minitab 16 Windows SA 364 Standard
Minitab 16 Windows SH 118 Standard
Minitab 16 Windows SH 119 Standard
Minitab 16 Windows VLab Standard
Minitab 17 Windows BSS 302, 308, 313, 316A No
Minitab 17 Windows JH 214 No
Minitab 17 Windows SCI D 15 & 17 No