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Anti-Virus False Positive

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Degraded Service
Issue start: 
Sep 20 2012 - 11:47
Estimated resolution time: 
Sep 20 2012 - 17:00
Who is affected: 
Some campus Sophos users.
Affected in what way: 
Sophos is reporting the quarantine of 'Shh/Updater-B' virus, but it is just a false positive. Sophos has quarantined files that were detected with 'Shh/Updater-B'.
Contact the Helpdesk or your ITC.
What happened: 
Update: All Sophos servers have been updated to no longer detected files falsely as 'Shh/Updater-B'. These updates should also be pushed down to users workstations. If you are still receiving virus notifications contact your ITC to get an updated Sophos client. For some users Sophos could have quarantined files and stopped some programs from functioning. We do have a fix from Sophos to move the legitimate files back to their proper location. ITS is working on targeting those affected machines and providing the fix.