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Fall 2012 ITS Project Prioritization Results

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The Project Prioritization cycle for Fall 2012 has been completed. The Steering Committee received a total of 12 project proposals, of which five were recommended to the Vice Presidents. Of those five, three were approved for implementation, one was approved for exploration and one was deferred for consideration as part of campus-wide efficiency initiatives planned to start in 2013. Each submission was thoroughly reviewed and scored by the Steering Committee, and staff resource requirements assessed by ITS, in order to reach the final selection.

Details of the approved projects and their proposed schedules can be found at http://www.humboldt.edu/its/po-prioritization#prioritization_results, along with a graph showing the average scores and ranking of all submitted projects. You can view the detailed scoring for each project at http://www.humboldt.edu/its/projects/all.

The following observations were also discussed and endorsed by the Vice Presidents:

  • Project resource considerations. In arriving at their recommendations, the Committee was mindful of the large number of current initiatives still in progress, including the eleven Nolij "efficiency” projects approved in the Spring 2012 cycle and scheduled to go live in the coming months.
  • Identify ways to assist and encourage project requestors to propose solutions rather than simply pinpoint problems. The Steering Committee identified three projects that require further analysis before they can be approved, one of which was deferred at the Vice President’s request for consideration as part of future campus-wide efficiency initiatives. On completion of this analysis, each project will be evaluated as to whether it should be resubmitted in a subsequent prioritization cycle or can be resolved with available resources. 

For those projects not approved, submitters wishing to have their project reconsidered in the next prioritization cycle should do one of the following:

  • Revise and resubmit your request. Adjust the proposal if your project has changed, or provide additional information with the updated project request form. Such additional information might include a clear definition of the proposed solution or an updated justification for your project such as alignment with HSU priorities or a statement of sponsorship support.
  • Confirm that your request should stand “as is”.Your project will be rescored against the current rubric in the next prioritization cycle.
  • Split up your project.Consider breaking your request into smaller pieces, each of which may require less resources or time to accomplish.

Please remember that you are welcome to consult with anyone in ITS on any IT idea you may have, even if it is not (yet) a project request. Look for the next call for proposals in February 2013.

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