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Pharos Pay-for-Print HSU-PS2E Server Unavailable

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Pharos Pay-for-Print
Issue start: 
Aug 26 2010 - 10:53
Estimated resolution time: 
Aug 26 2010 - 12:30
Who is affected: 
People printing in For203, For204a, NR210, SciB328, SciD17, WFB166B, WFB230
Affected in what way: 
Could not print to one printer in the room.
If another printer is in the room, users can print to that printer.
What happened: 
Some Pharos services were in a 'stopped' state on the HSU-PS2E server, which prevented users from printing to any printers installed. The services have been restarted. We are looking into why they were stopped.