Pay-for-Print :: Installing Windows Printers

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To install printers on your Windows laptop, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Download the printer installer tool. Save the file when prompted. Take note of where you've saved it (typically your Desktop or Downloads folder)

Step 2: Locate the file (WirelessPrinters_for_Lte.exe) that you just downloaded (typically it will be on your Desktop or in your Downloads folder). Double-click on the installer to run it.

Step 3: Click the Install button (in the lower right-hand corner) to begin the install process. (It may take several minutes for the installation to complete).

Note: There is a small chance your antivirus software may quarantine one of the files during the installation process. This file really is safe and is NOT a virus, so don't worry if you see a message that the file was quarantined.

Click the Install button to install the printers.

Step 4: When the installer has finished, click the Finish button.

Click the Finish button once the installer has completed

You should now have the following printers available to you:

  1. FH143-Printer1-WiFi
  2. BSS316-Printer1-WiFi
  3. BSS316-Printer2-WiFi
  4. LIB101-Printer1-WiFi
  5. LIB101-Printer2-WiFi
  6. LIB101-Color-Printer3-wifi

To print to one of these printers, follow these printing instructions.



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