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Pay-for-Print logoStudents are required to use c-card funds to pay for printing in HSU computer labs. Black and white printouts are charged at 4 cents per page and color at 25 cents per page. The cost for other types of printing, such as large format, will vary and should be checked before committing.

Be Prepared

  • Make sure you have money on your c-card! You can add money at the Housing and Dining Cashier’s Office, the Depot, Library Café, Hilltop Marketplace, Giant's Cupboard, the Card Value Center machine on the second floor of the library, or online.

  • Your c-card account is tied to your HSU User Name and Password, so you won’t have to swipe your card.

  • You’ll be notified of the cost for each printout and your remaining c-card balance. You’ll be prompted to accept the charge each time you print.

Color Printing

Color printing is available in the Library and BSS at a cost of $0.25 per side.

  • In the Library, send color print jobs from Library 121 and Library 122 to the printer just outside Library 121 in Library 101. Select Lib101-Printer1-Color on the Print menu.

  • In BSS, Lab 317, select Printer 4 from the Print menu; the default printers 1 and 2 are black and white.

Wireless Printing

You can now print over the wireless network to the printers in Library 101, BSS 316, and Founders Hall 143. To do that, you'll need to install special driver software on your laptop. Read more about wireless printing.

Grant & Department Funded Printing

If you have work that needs to be printed in a computer lab and would like to have it charged to either a grant, a project, or your department, you can request grant or department funded printing.

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