ITS Project Methodology

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You can learn more about how we manage and prioritize projects by checking out these links:

Below are links to the forms and documents we use in the ITS Project Office. Feel free to use them as-is or adapt them if you believe they'd be helpful in managing projects in your office.

Internal how-to guides

The content of these guides relates specifically to ITS processes and systems, but may be helpful if you're using Microsoft Project or Project Server.

Work Request Business Process Guide (Effective 5/21/12)

Connecting to the Remote Desktop Server (its-projterm) (Updated 5/20/11)

Creating a Project Proposal (Updated 8/4/11)

Using SharePoint Project Workspace (Updated 2/13/12)

Using Microsoft Project (Updated 5/18/11)

Posting Projects to the ITS Project Portfolio (Updated 4/4/13)

Training guides

Project Management Methodology Orientation (Updated 4/21/12)

Building an Effective Task List (Updated 4/19/12)

Best Practices for Monitoring & Closing Your Project (Updated 5/7/12)

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