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ITS Project Prioritization

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Prioritization Results for Spring 2014

The following documents describe the results of the Spring 2014 project prioritization cycle:


The ITS project prioritization process is the framework we use for selecting the projects that best support HSU's key strategic objectives and provide the greatest value to the University. Please review the information on this page before beginning the project proposal submission process.

The prioritization process includes the following key criteria:

  • Project score. Using the Scoring Rubric, the Project Prioritization Steering Committee applies a weighted score to each project that represents that project's value to the campus. The greater the projected value, the higher the score. The rubric includes two tabs: (1) 'ScoringInfo' lists the criteria used to calculate a weighted project score; (2) 'ScoringRubric' is the tool used to score a project.
  • Available funds. Identification of available funds to complete the project and the source of those funds.
  • Available resources. Identification of ITS and/or other department staff resources available to work on the project.
  • Project scheduling. A project is scheduled based on all of the above criteria. A high-scoring project may not be able to start immediately if funding and/or resources are not available; conversely, a lower-scoring project for which resources and/or funding are available may start earlier than a high-scoring project. Projects that cannot start immediately are scheduled for a future date based on the projected availability of resources and funding. 

Project Prioritization Steering Committee

The Project Prioritization Steering Committeee meets each review cycle and submits the draft prioritized schedule to the Vice Presidents for their review and approval. The Project Prioritization Steering Committee members are:

  • Anna Kircher, CIO
  • Alex Hwu, Associate Vice President, eLearning & Extended Education, Academic Affairs Division
  • Mike Burghart, Director, Contracts & Procurement Office, Administrative Affairs Division
  • Vikash Lakhani, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management, Student Affairs Division
  • Sandy Amiel, Advancement Services Manager, University Advancement Division

Supporting the committee:

  • Josh Callahan, Director of Enterprise Technology, ITS
  • Melinda Haynes Swank, Director, ITS Project Office

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