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Budgeting Tool


In the University Budget Office and across campus, a number of "shadow" budgeting systems are being used to provide the levels of detail necessary for campus budgeting and financial position management processes. A comprehensive budgeting tool will enable HSU to address key budgeting and planning needs, interface directly with the PeopleSoft Finance, HR and Student systems, and eliminate the need for duplicative and parallel recordkeeping. Currently in the information-gathering phase, this description will be updated once the scope, timeline, and goals are determined. 

Requesting Department
Admin Affairs - Vice President

Primary Customers
College and Department Budget Analysts
College Deans & Department Managers
University Budget Office

Josh Smith
Phil Rouse
Joyce Lopes
Amber Blakeslee
Teal Sexton
College / Department Budget Analysts
Volga Koval
Ken Rocha
Jesse Clark

Project status
On Time

Status Update

2/25/15: Additional resources for the University Budget Office has been identified and work will begin in early March. Once this part of the project is in place, the project team and sponsorship will reset the schedule for the next phase of the rollout and plan.

1/28/15: The budget salary module has successfully been upgraded to the latest version with a new, simplified structure. Continuing resource constraints are limiting the rollout of functionality.

12/12/14: The user design team continues to discuss processes and utilization of Questica for campus and the university budget office with a focus on position management and control. Configuration of the export process to PeopleSoft is almost complete. 

10/28/14: Five prior years of actual expenses have been imported into the system, and the current budget amounts for operating expenses have been verified. The position inventory audit, including salary reconciliation, benefits, and other compensation-related measures  is expected to be completed in November 2014.

With the departure of functional resources in university budget office, the sponsorship and project group has established a new timeline for campus-wide use. AY 2014-15 remains a pilot year, with the focus this semester on finalizing position inventory (salaries, updates, etc.) and building the annual University Resource Planning Committee cycle (budget routing, approvals, etc.), to be followed by projection ledger and potentially budget transfers. In consultation with the Questica User Design group, the team will begin prioritizing user functionality and distributing work to increase output from the system.

8/27/14: Integration to synchronize salary and position information between PeopleSoft and Questica are complete. The files to synchronize actual costs with Questica from PeopleSoft have been delivered and import schedules are being finalized.

The cross-campus user design team met 8/21/14 to begin the collaborative development of tools and procedures for the use of Questica beyond University Budget Office. Regular sessions with this group and smaller subgroups have been scheduled to build out the design; it is anticipated that configuration to meet the needs of other stakeholders will take place during the 2014-15 academic year prior to adopting the tool across campus.

7/29/14: The HSU budgeting database has been moved from development to a production environment, and training has now been provided to budget office staff on the administrative, operating and salary modules. Budgets with position allocations for 2014-15 budget year are now being loaded into the system. Queries in Peoplesoft that will drive the integration between Peoplesoft and the budgeting tool are now being finalized for salaries and operations.  

6/23/14:  Prior year budget tables have been loaded into the budgeting tool and administrative training provided for University Budget office staff, with more to come. Current year budget tables are now setup and available for the budget office to load data and use. 

Critical system configuration discussions and decisions, along with additional customatizations, will likely move out the go-live date for integration between the budgeting tool and PeopleSoft. 

5/27/14: Implementation and configuration of the budgeting tool continues, with CAS integration set up for single sign-on and uploaded budget structures approved. The team is currently working to integrate salary and position information, which will be followed by setting up integration points with actuals from CFS and position updates from HCM. We anticipate completing implementation of the budgeting tool for initial use by the University Budget Office by 7/1/14.

4/23/14: The configuration of the budgeting tool is continuing, including the setup of budget structures, single sign-on, and other integrations. Groups of users have been selected to assist in building the functionality. 

3/25/14: Contract agreement, scope of work documentation, and pricing were completed 3/25/14. The kickoff meeting with the Questica implementation team will take place on 3/26/14. Once the implementation roadmap is established and the team is familiar with the Questica tool, we will bring in other users to drive the configuration process as appropriate.

2/25/14: The team has selected a preferred vendor for the budget and planning tool, and we are currently working through T&C’s, SOW, VPAT, and other contracting steps. We have begun to construct an implementation outline and timeline.

We continue to work with groups across campus to identify an initial list of activities associated with budgeting that would benefit from integration into a budgeting tool by increasing either efficiency in processing (e.g. reduced data entry, simple comparisons, etc.) or efficacy in decisionmaking. We will create user groups as the tool is developed and implemented to help drive solutions.

1/25/14: Completed RFI review and selected two vendors for on-campus demos (Questica and Adaptive Planning). Demos scheduled for 1/29/14 and 1/31/14, with decision slated for first half of February. Assuming a positive reception for the demos, we are on track to have the budgeting tool available by 7/1/14. Once the selection is made, we will convene a power user group from the stakeholders across campus to inform and drive process implementations.

We continue to work with groups across the campus to identify an initial list of activities associated with budgeting that would benefit from integration into a budgeting tool by increasing either efficiency in processing (e.g. reduced data entry, simple comparisons, etc.) or efficacy in decision making. 

11/25/13: RFI for budgeting tool selection is underway with a closing date of 12/6/13. Will assess responses with selection committee and determine next steps (e.g. vendor demos and/or visits) following the bidding process.   

Completed gathering process assessments from campus community (UBO, Deans, College Analysts, ASCs).  Aligned direction of analysis and next steps with sponsor and college leadership. Identified key themes for further analysis and improvement work related to budget process across the university. In the process of setting workshop(s) for December to map common solutions with key stakeholders. 

10/29/13: University-wide interviews and worksessions have been completed and the core team has assembled a set of recommendations. We are currently working with the sponsor and key stakeholders to gain alignment and endorsement to move forward.

10/16/13: This project has been approved by the President and VPs as one of four core areas of process improvement priorities for 2013-14.



Go Live Date
Jul 1 2014

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