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Campus CCTV Upgrade


Replace and upgrade our current CCTV system to ensure high quality resolution and coverage of the entire campus.  This will provide for live viewing of more areas of campus, increasing responsiveness to crimes in progress as well as enabling timelier viewing of footage to aid in crime resolution, suspect identification, prosecution, and restitution.   

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
Public Safety-Police

Primary Customers
UPD for the protection of the entire campus community

Josh Callahan
Mike Fisher
Donn Peterson
Melinda Haynes Swank
Melanie LaPorte
Elijah Alexander
Tom Mendenhall

Project status

Status Update

2/25/15: We are still awaiting a schedule from Facilities; a reminder was sent this week.  

1/22/14: Project kick-off was held with current team plus additional members of UPD, Facilities Management and the new UPD Chief of Police, Donn Peterson. The agenda included an overview of the project, the camera placement plan, and the training and testing plans. The sequence and timing of installations, based on Facilities Management current commitments, will likely not be started until the Summer. Facilities will attempt to complete the first installation of HGH early so that camera can be used for practice, then training and a model for subsequent installations. The project timeline remains an estimate only, and will be updated once the Facilities schedule is received. 

12/12/14: Chief Soderberg has secured funding for the installation and participated in a first demonstration of one of the new cameras and the web-viewing tool. She has suggested additional demonstrations to further evaluate capabilities of the solution; administrative user training also needs to be scheduled. In addition to further demonstrations, we also need to finalize the schedule for Facilities Management installation; once that is done, the project timeline will be updated.

10/28/14: Mike Fisher has delivered plans for the scope, installation and cost estimates, now under review by Josh Callahan and Lynne Soderberg. Josh and Mike have conducted walk-throughs of the installation sites and Lynne is working with Joyce Lopes to secure funding to begin installation. Chief Soderberg has drafted a campus surveillance policy which is also now under review. 

9/10/14: The project has been re-started; Mike Fisher is developing the plan sheet for review by Josh, TNS, and Chief Soderberg. The plan is scheduled to be delivered by 9/30/14 and finalized by 10/31/14, which will enable work to begin on installing equipment that has already been purchased. In parallel, but not a dependency for this project, Chief Soderberg is beginning the review process for a campus surveillance policy. The desired target for project completion is 12/31/2014.   

12/01/13: Technical implementation remains on hold until a key staff position is filled.

10/23/13:  While the policy discusssion will move forward, technical implementation of this project is on hold due to key staff leaving the University.

09/27/13: We are moving forward with a pilot project based on grant funding received by UPD. A digital video recorder and six cameras have been acquired and will be deployed to key campus locations. The campus is also developing a CCTV policy to cover usage, operation, signage, etc.

12/5/12: Proposal requires further analysis. ITS will contact the project proposer shortly to assist in identifying specific requirements and project costs no later than January. There are two known problems that exist today, which will be prioritized for first attention. Once solutions to those problems have been identified, the project will be evaluated as to whether it should be resubmitted in a subsequent prioritization cycle or if it can be scheduled with available resources.

Jan 31 2013 - Jun 19 2015

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