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Electronic Transcript Data for DARS and PeopleSoft


HSU receives electronic transcripts from XAP and Credential Solutions but we have no current means to import this information into PeopleSoft and DARS other than retyping it. Since both companies can provide transcript data in XML format, and PeopleSoft and DARS both support the automatic import of XML data, the University would make significant gains in processing time and efficiency for the 5,000+ electronic transcripts expected to come in this year. By speeding up the process, transfer applications can be processed faster, giving applicants admission decisions earlier and enabling Admissions to focus on increasing applicant numbers.

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Status Update

2/23/15: To ensure success with the electronic transcript data project, testing continues on the PeopleSoft modification to further identify gaps found in student transcripts. Identifying these final anomalies requires in-depth discussions between the programmer analyst and transfer graduation counselors to develop code to address the conditions that created the transcript gaps and define the correct dates for the student records. Testing will continue until the Admissions group feels comfortable with the solution.

1/21/15: At least one articulation segment and rule has been created for each California community college in preparation for matching against incoming electronic transcript data. These segments and rules are needed to identify course or class acronyms (EN, ENG, ENGL, etc) used by other institutions and correlate them to those used by HSU, as well as to define the rule for assigning associated HSU credit hours. All segments and rules for the College of the Redwoods have been completed, since we receive a large number of transcripts associated with student transfer requests from CR. Next up: reviewing and updating the segments and rules for the universities in the California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) systems, which are expected to be more complex than those from community colleges. 

12/8/14: Admissions continues to test the PeopleSoft modification. A report is sent to the testing group each day; as issues are identified, testing is placed on hold until a fix is in place, and then testing begins again. This testing is helping us to identify the final 5% of anomalies that will enable us to more closely define the modification. This will in turn assist with the creation of the CO's  migration exception request (COMR), which is required in order to move the modification into production in the Spring of 2015. Any significant changes to the modification will be documented in the modification request and design documents.

10/28/2014: The Governance Committee has approved the two PeopleSoft modification request and design documents associated with Phase I of the project - intake of electronic transcript data in PeopleSoft. Testing by functional staff will continue to ensure the modifications work as desired and require no additional changes before moving to production. 

9/22/2014: The programmer for this project has developed a "compare audits" report that looks at the scripted batch updates of electronic transcripts alongside manual entry of the transcript data to help identify and track unpredictable errors. This will determine whether errors arise from manual entry or electronic processing and will help with testing and updates to the modification script. In preparation for phase II of the project, updating DARS/u.achieve to take in the electronic transcript data, a resource to assist the Transfer Articulation Officer with the complex functional work changes required has been identified.

8/20/2014: Due to the complexities of the electronic transcript data received from our two vendors, Credential Solutions and XAP, testing and tweaking of the modification to PeopleSoft continues. Initial estimates for the functional work need to change DARS/u.achieve to ingest the electronic transcript data have been defined, and work sessions to further plan the work in DARS/u.achieve continue.

7/28/2014: During the kickoff meeting, it was agreed that clean-up and creation of new transfer articulation rules would be needed in order to handle the electronic transcript data to be imported into DARS/u.achieve during the second phase of this project. To facilitate these discussions and determine the level of effort and time required, work sessions with the functional staff are being scheduled. While we work out the details of phase two, testing continues with the PeopleSoft PESC XML modification. 

6/23/14: The first phase of this project will be updating PeopleSoft with the PESC XML transcript data. In the second phase, which is potentially contingent on the DARS upgrade to u.achieve, we will use the data to update DARS/U.achieve. The kickoff meeting is scheduled for 7/7/2014.

5/16/2014: Information gathering sessions have been initiated with the project requester and technical staff. The kickoff meeting will be scheduled for the first week of June to allow Admissions to finalize their end-of-term activities.

5/8/2014: This project has been approved and the design phase is scheduled to begin in July 2014; a target implementation date will be set based on the results of the design phase.

Jul 1 2014 - Apr 30 2015

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