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HR Recruitment Forms Conversion to Nolij


Convert four of the five recruitment forms to Nolij workflow automation and implement digital signatures to expedite the recruitment process. Electronic forms routing will significantly increase efficiency and reduce the risk of losing qualified applicants due to delays in forms authorizations caused by required signatories not being physically available to sign hard-copy documents.

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
Human Resources

Primary Customers
Hiring committees
Hiring departments
HR staff
Provost/VP office
Office of the President

Liz Villarreal
Bethany Rizzardi
Jim Stemach
Phil Rouse
Kristina Barnum
Savannah Anderson

Project status

Status Update

2/4/16:  At request of Colleen Mullery, this project has been cancelled.  

1/27/14: Human Resources has requested that this project be put on hold until it has been determined whether functionality in the new Common Human Resources System (CHRS) will handle recruitment electronically.

11/26/13: We are working with 5 departments to run through some recently closed searches. Testing results so far have been positive.

10/31/13: We have completed the internal e-form testing and are arranging with several departments to run real searches through the online process.

9/24/13: Workflow testing is complete. E-form testing is expected to wrap up by mid-October, and a campus-wide test of the process will begin shortly thereafter. 

8/27/13: E-form and workflow testing is wrapping up and a campus-wide test of the process will begin shortly. 

7/29/13: The e-form testing is still ongoing. Over the next few weeks, we will be conducting the final testing sessions with a number of different users across campus.

6/24/13: The e-forms are almost complete and the workflow testing is going smoothly. Over the next few weeks, we will be conducting final testing sessions with a number of different users across campus.

5/30/13: Testing continues for the recruitment workflow and eform. We are working to finalize both this month.

4/23/13: Testing continues for the recruitment workflow and eform. External testers will begin testing the eform next week. Due to delays in finishing the eform, the project sponsor has agreed to move the go-live date to the week of 5/20/13.

3/26/13: The Recruitment e-forms are still in progress, and the HR team continues to test the workflow. With agreement from the team and the project sponsor, the decision has been made to change the go-live date to 4/24/13.

2/25/13:The Recruitment Forms team is currently testing both the e-forms and the workflow. They are also preparing communications and instructions for the campus to support the March go-live.

1/28/13: The e-forms for Forms 1-5 (Recruitment Forms) are still in progress. The HR team continues to test the workflow. With agreement from the project sponsor, the decision has been made to change the go-live date to 3/27/13. Training and other instructions will be made available in March.

12/21/12: The Nolij programmers have been finalizing changes to the workflow, and Human Resources will be testing in January. Training and instructions will be provided to campus in February, and the new workflow is scheduled to go live 2/19/13.

11/27/12: The Nolij programmers will be demonstrating the workflow for Human Resources & Academic Personnel Services on 11/29/12. The teams will then begin testing, training and finalizing plans for moving their workflow into production.

10/29/12: The Recruitment Forms team is finishing up the workflow for this project. During November, we will be demonstrating the process for Human Resources and Academic Personnel Services, after which any necessary adjustments will be made to the workflow.

9/24/12: The HR team is working on setting their efficiency goals for the project. We have completed our workflow planning and will be building the workflow in Nolij over the next few weeks.

8/27/12: Workflow planning will begin next week when Nolij consultants are on site. The remainder of the project timeline will be established during the next few weeks.

8/6/12: Work has begun on defining roles and document types, and we will build out the initial Nolij environment this month. Nolij consultants will be onsite at the beginning of September to begin documenting existing and future processes and start building the workflow.

5/8/12: Project approved and scheduled to start 7/16/12. We may leverage Nolij consultants to assist with this project. 

3/12/12: Project resubmitted with sponsorship support.

12/21/11: Project scored. Resource limitations prevented recommendation or scheduling at this time. 

Jul 16 2012 - May 10 2013

Go Live Date
Apr 24 2013

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