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Identity Management 2.0


Improve or replace the system currently used to create and manage user accounts and manage/authorize/control user access to all IT resources across the HSU campus. This project will also clean up existing data in the identity management system, ensuring that University services are only made available to eligible individuals and that all eligible individuals have access to the IT resources they need to do their jobs.

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Josh Callahan
Dale Sanford
Peter Johnson
Jeff Stebbins
Bethany Rizzardi

Project status

Status Update

2/23/15: The team believes they have identified the cause of the performance problems and and are finishing the remediation work now. Testing by the ITS PO and Helpdesk will take place after the remediation to ensure that the load balancer revisions are tested by multiple groups from multiple perspectives. Discussions to clarify the construction of the Phase 2 - Affiliations views with Fischer have been successful and the Views are in progress; all other deliverables required for Fischer to begin Phase 2 have been delivered.

Post Phase 1 Go Live discussions are planned regarding Access Requests and integrating the rest of Account Center functionality into the Fischer Account Settings. 


1/29/2015: The vendor work is complete for Phase 1 - Password Reset. However, testing has revealed a performance issue that needs to be resolved before a final go-live schedule can be set.

For Phase 2 - Affiliations, five of the six requirements have been delivered to the vendor; the final requirement will be submitted as soon as it is complete. The contract has been extended to June 2015.


  • Phase 1 - Password Reset
    • Completion of work and sign off is expected by 12/19/14
    • Go-live schedule and timeline is completed - kick-off will be scheduled on sign off
    • Tentative go-live date is 2/2/15
  • Phase 2
    • Requirements document reviewed and agreed to by both HSU and Fischer teams
    • Task list completed - start date expected to be early January 2015
    • Contract extension to June 2015 is being discussed
    • Project end date will be adjusted as necessary once the above information is in place.

10/30/14: The bulk of the development and configuration for Phase 1 - Password Reset is complete. The team will meet the week of 11/3/14 to work on the go-live plan and schedule training, as well as any additional testing that may be required.

The status of the plan for Phase 2 - Affiliations is as follows:

  • The Fischer team has provided HSU with the updated requirements document, which does not extend the scope but does refine the business rules.
  • The project team needs to review and agree that this document accurately reflects HSU's needs, and return the document to Fischer
  • The Fischer team will then review the requirements and prepare a project schedule, currestly estimated to be 4-5 weeks
  • Fischer will provide HSU with a roadmap for the project

Fischer has been informed of the need to complete Phase 2 as quickly as possible, since we will be losing some relevant institutional knowledge in ITS due to accelerated retirement plans.

9/24/14: We are working through some system and firewall issues, but continue to make progress towards completing phase 1 in the next few weeks. The phase 2 kick-off meeting has been scheduled for 10/6/14.

8/27/14: We continue to work on setting up the production environment in preparation for the phase 1 go-live. Given the work left to do, we are anticipating a phase 1 go-live date in late September. Phase 2 work on provisioning and role requests may begin in early September.

7/31/14: We have completed the testing for password resets and expirations. Fischer consultants are working with HSU programmers and system administrators to set up our production environment in preparation for the phase 1 go-live. We have run into a few delays during this process and are still working on setting a firm phase 1 go-live date.

6/24/14: Password reset testing is well underway with good results so far. We are also testing the expiration process and other smaller processes. The Fischer consultants have nearly completed preparations for loading all existing users into Fischer as well as the processes to add new users as they become active. We are targeting an early July go-live for the password reset phase and our work will then transition to working on phase 2.

5/29/14: We have made the decision to split this project into two phases: one for password expiration and resets, the area we are currently focused on, and one for account and group provisioning and role requests. While the Fischer consultants are configuring the system to our specifications, we are developing the test scripts. We expect to begin testing in the next couple of weeks and to roll this phase out before the end of June.

4/24/14: Fischer consultants are configuring the server and have begun work on the role request process. We now have access to the site and are receiving early training on how the system will work.

3/26/14: Fischer consultants are continuing the configuration process and starting early training in a sandbox environment. Plans are also under way to upgrade our LDAP systems before go-live.

2/26/14: Fischer consultants are finalizing the implementation timeline and working on configuring the tool.

1/27/14: We have reviewed the requirements document and project plan and are working with the Fischer consultants to develop the implementation plan.

11/26/13: We have completed the build-out of the server environment and are working with Fischer Identity consultants to finalize the requirements document. We expect to have that document and a project plan before the end of December.

10/31/13: Fischer Identity consultants were on campus earlier this month to review our implementation details and build the requirements document. We are installing servers to build out both the development and production environments, and are working on developing data views to provide information from PeopleSoft to Fischer. For the Access Request process, we are looking at options for the best way to display roles for users to select.

9/24/13: Fischer Identity consultants will be on campus the week of 10/16/13 to conduct in-depth discovery meetings. This will enable the consultants to put together the detailed requirements documents and begin working on our project later this year.

8/27/13: Contract details with Fischer Identity are nearly complete, and we are actively preparing material for the planning workshop to be scheduled for September or October.

7/29/13: We have chosen Fischer Identity for our Identity Management solution and are now working through contract details so we can schedule a planning workshop for September or October.

6/24/13: The campus team is now finalizing vendor selection.

5/29/13:  The vendor finalists are presenting to ITS on site 5/29/13 and 5/30/13

4/22/13:  RFQ responses are now being received and scored.  

3/25/13: The RFQ was published on 3/15/13; responses are due in April.

2/25/13: We are continuing vendor demonstrations and assembling our requirements into an RFQ format, with goal of issuing the RFQ in March 2013.

1/28/13: Participating in demonstrations of several products and refining system requirements document

12/20/12: Reviewing commercial options and refining requirements.

11/26/12: The planning process is now in full swing. Reviewing additional commercial products for viability. 

10/30/12: Now that we have a better understanding of the audit concerns, we are re-assessing the planning. This project scope will be coordinated with the Exiting Employee project if that is prioritized in the next cycle.

9/26/12: On-site audit visits are now complete; we are awaiting official draft language before proceeding with the design plans.

9/7/12: Initial planning meetings have been held. An identity management audit is underway which will provide additional information for consideration in the design plans.   

12/21/11: Project approved and scheduled. 

10/28/11: The Persons of Interest Data Cleanup project request has been merged into this project request, as the cleanup will be undertaken as part of the Identity Management project. The two requests will be scored as one project request. 

Aug 1 2012 - Jun 30 2015

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