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Online Test Scheduling & Submissions


Neither SDRC nor non-SDRC students are currently able to schedule tests online or be reminded about upcoming tests, nor can their instructors view or track which students need to take exams with the Testing Center. A single central online scheduling and management system for the Testing Center would enable instructors to submit, schedule, and manage the Testing Center exam process from beginning to end, including automated reminders for instructors and students, and ensure appropriate accommodations are made for students.

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
Testing Center

Primary Customers
SDRC and non-SDRC students
Testing Center staff

Mike Bradley
Billie Herman
Frankie Huey
Kevin O'Brien
Testing Center Staff

Project status
On Time

Status Update


  • Working session with Bella and Testing Center and SDRC personnel is scheduled for today to walk through the 25Live worklfows that Bella has created
  • Goal is to obtain feedback to refine current workflows and complete all workflows
  • Testing Center will also start using 25Live as is for current test submissions

12/15/14: Bella is working on create a test request workflow in 25Live, which will be reviewed on 12/18/14.

10/28/14: 25Live has been selected as the preferred solution. Next steps are to build and test new workflows in 25Live. In parallell,  the 25Live API capabilites will be reviewed so that we can decide whether to populate 25Live with the request data via web services or other programmatic solution, or if the Testing Center personnel will manually enter the request data into 25Live. Workflow creation work will start 11/13/14 and will initially involve only Billie and Bella Gray.

9/25/2014: We are evaluating 25Live as a possible solution.

8/27/2014: Requirements gathering and solution selection continues, and the goal remains to find the smallest solution that requires the least development/ implementation effort and will ease the most pain compared with the current intensive manual process.

7/30/2014: The team was considering adopting a solution similar to that used at Cal Poly, but has determined that Cal Poly's solution will not work for the HSU Testing Center's needs. We are now in the process of discovery and requirements gathering to enable us to better understand the need, so that we can better determine an appropriate solution.

5/8/2014: This project has been approved and the design phase is scheduled to begin in July 2014; the implementation target date will be set based on the results of the design phase. Until a solution has been defined, it is not known if this project will have out-of-pocket costs, and the requestor has not indicated any estimated costs or available funding to date.

Jul 1 2014 - Apr 1 2015

Go Live Date
Apr 1 2015

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