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Email :: Calendar Account Request

Your email account automatically comes with a calendar. You can create additional calendars for record keeping (e.g., student work schedules, departmental vacation calendars, University-wide deadlines, etc.) and share those with others. If you ...

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Forms :: Exiting Employee Form

As a courtesy to our customers, Information Technology Services has implemented this web-based form that exiting employees can use to gain clearance from our department (section #2 of the HSU SEPARATING EMPLOYEE CLEARANCE FORM). This web-form ...

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Security :: Tools and Resources

Tools HSU's information security infrastructure comprises the tools and equipment the campus employs to protect University-owned computers and networks. This infrastructure is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible while still maintaining a ...

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Web :: Using Drupal

HSU has a campus-wide license for Drupal , a software platform that enables individuals, teams, and communities to easily publish, manage, and organize content on the web. This means you can use Drupal to create your web site at no cost instea ...

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How do I get to Google Apps?

Go to .  Click on the Google login link and login with your  HSU User Name and Password.  Once we get the entire campus moved over, you won't have to click a link to login. (Google Apps, Google Apps :: M ...

FAQ - blg10 - Jan 4 2011 - 2:37pm - 0 comments - 0 attachments

Help! I can't log into a key application using single sign-on.

If you're unable to log into the application you need to use, first double-check your HSU User Name and Password in the Account Center . If that's not the issue, contact the Technology Help Desk at  or ca ...

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